The Constitution of Room 205

Preamble - We the students of Room 205, in order to form a perfect classroom, establish justice and harmony, provide rules of our own, ensure internal security, and defend the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our successors, do sustain and establish this Constitution for Room 205.

Article 1 - The Legislative powers of the government of Room 205 will be designated to a House of Representatives. Each row in Room 205 will have one Representative in the House. These Representatives must have a grade point average of at least 3.0, a maximum of one detention*, and they must be elected by their rows. The term of a Representative must last 3 weeks. However, they can be re-elected for an unlimited amount of terms.

Each Representative will present their row’s concerns every Wednesday during Homebase. Jointly, the House members will construct bills to solve these issues. A bill must be approved by the majority of the House, whereupon it will be taken to the President. The President will choose to sign the bill or send it back to the House for reform. If and when sent for reform, the President must present his or her ideas to the House so that the Representatives will be able to make proper amends to the bill. If the bill is out of line, the President has the authority to dispose of the proposition. However, if the majority of the House of Representatives does not agree with a reformed bill, the members of the House can choose to veto the proposition.

If required, the House can impeach the President. This can only occur if the President is excessively unfair, ruthless, or becomes too strong of a power. It can also be done if the President breaks one of the laws by committing a crime.

A member of the House can be removed from office by Room 205 if they become unfair, are absent regularly, or break a law. The class must have a majority vote to remove a Representative.

Article 2 - The Executive Branch of the government will reside in two people, the Class President and the Vice President. The candidate for President must have a GPA of at least 3.33, no detentions*, and must be chosen by the students of Room 205. The term of a President must last a month, but the President can be re-elected for an unlimited amount of terms.

The President has the power to sign bills into law. The President also has the power to annul, or veto, laws and send them to the House for reform, or to the trash for permanent disposal. If and when disagreements between House of Representatives or the Justices should arise, the Class President holds the authority to make a decision that is best for all people of Room 205. The President will be able to appoint and remove Justices from their seats should the need arise. Lastly, the Class President of Room 205 is designated the duty of taking full control of the classroom should the teacher be absent.

A Vice President, who is elected on the same basis as the President, and can only serve with the President with whom he or she runs, will support the President. The Vice President will offer advice to the President and will assume the duties of the President should he or she be absent or impeached.

The House of Representatives has the authority to impeach the President or Vice President if he or she is unfair, ruthless, or becomes too strong. The President or Vice President will also be impeached if he or she breaks a law of Room 205.

Article 3 - The powers of the Judicial Branch of the government are assigned to a group of Justices. Room 205 will have 4 justices, all of whom will be chosen by the Class President. The Justices must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and no detentions*. They must be approved by the President and the Vice President.

The Justices will be the enforcers of the class laws. They will make sure that laws created and passed by the Legislative and Executive branches are fair and easy to follow. If not, the law will be sent to the House or will be permanently disposed of. Also, the Justices will be able to hold trials of those who break the laws. Those who are found guilty will be sent to the teacher for the final verdict and sentence. If the sentence is deemed too light or too harsh for the criminal, the Justices can represent their case to the President, who will then choose whether or not to change the punishment. Suitable punishments must be recognized by the teacher before they are given to felons.

Justices can only come out of office if they are taken out by the President. The President will make the decision of removal based on the actions and behaviors of the Justice, as well as the feelings of the students towards the Justice. If the Justice is removed from office, the President will immediately find a replacement.

Bill of Rights - Every student of Room 205 has the right to:

§ Freedom of Speech
§ Freedom of Nourishment
§ Freedom of Free Time and Homebase Time Usage
§ Freedom of Expression
§ Freedom of a Suitable Environment

Amendment 1 - For Representative elections, if a row does not have a person who meets any of the requirements to become a Representative, the person who most closely meets those expectations will automatically become the row's Represntative.

*Any and all detentions, official or unofficial, are considered when reviewing candidates for elections.