The Declaration of Independence for Room 205

In the natural course of student events, it is inevitable for the student body of Room 205 to dissolve the connections that tie them to the dominant power who subjects them to tyranny. Lord Skonecki has repeatedly denied the certain, natural rights that are bestowed on each and every student. The students of Room 205 have decided to stand together to defend their liberties and dignities against Lord Skonecki.

All students cherish equal rights and freedoms, and so hold them to be true and everlasting. These rights include the access to privacy, access to material possessions, and access to nutritional amenities. These rights also include the access to Comfort, and the Pursuit of Happiness through most any means. As the students of Room 205, we maintain these truths to be unquestionable. We feel that we rightfully deserve these equal rights.

The history of the present Teacher of Room 205 is a history of reiterated injustices, which include:
  • Lord Skonecki interrupts his students as they speak.
  • Lord Skonecki abuses and challenges his students, both physically and verbally.
  • Lord Skonecki repeatedly violates the students’ privacy.
  • Lord Skonecki doesn’t allow physical contact between students.
  • Lord Skonecki tells students what to do during THEIR home base, which is provided for the students as a free period.
  • Lord Skonecki has issued a “No Late Homework Policy”, which states that students can not turn in work after its due date.
  • Lord Skonecki does not allow students to listen to the music of their choice.
  • Lord Skonecki claims that he is always “right”.
  • Lord Skonecki does not allow students to spend time in his hallway, which results in forgotten books and/or assignments.
  • Lord Skonecki does not allow his students to chew gum.
  • Lord Skonecki assigns too many projects at once, expecting the students to complete each and every one without difficulty.
  • Lord Skonecki is always in other people’s business.
  • Lord Skonecki makes a fool out of students who make mistakes.
  • Lord Skonecki uses a large amount of time to make amends on the students’ grades.
  • Lord Skonecki does not establish a suitable temperature in the classroom, resulting in shivering and stiff students.

We, the Student Body of Room 205, declare our independence from Lord Skonecki. We will not be bullied anymore, our voices will be heard. We have taken a stand for our Natural rights and demand reform. The Lord will not be the cause of our grievances any longer. We, the students of Room 205, will no longer have to suffer under the harsh rule of Lord Skonecki, and we stand together in bonds of faith and honor, in order to form a more perfect classroom.