The Declaration of Independence for Room 207

As is evident, this student body is rather angered with the rules and principles that bind us to follow upper power known in this address as Mr. Clean. In the following, we wish to express with as much of a sense of propriety and politeness as possible, how sick and annoyed we are with the judgement shown in governing this student body.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all students are equal and have the right to expression, the right to privacy, the right to be entertained, and the right to feel safe in our environment. When any form of ruling authority becomes destructive, not only do the students have a right to get rid of it, but they possess the ability to do something. We, the student body, have the right to institute a new form of government, if necessary. When problems occur repeatedly, the students have the right to complain and take action. The students have suffered in silence, but no longer!

Mr. Clean has a repeated string of offences that we, the student body, would like to address:

He locks us for no reason.
He should give the students freedom to have nourishment in class
He abuses us physically and verbally
He tells us to put our computers to sleep all the time
He gives us multiple projects at once
He gives us short breaks
He locks our computers in the other class
He showed Mrs. Russel how to lock out computers
He makes projects due in a very short amount of time
He makes his room super cold, so we all die of pneumonia
He moves people’s seats without their consent
He takes peoples headphones for reasons unknown or absurd
He doesn’t give us enough field trips
He forgets to put grades in
He stresses us out!!
He openly makes fun of us
He has a “no parties allowed” rule.

Many students still feel a connection with the Teacher, and have been disappointed with his inability to correct his injustices.

We, the students of Room 207, therefore, are breaking away from Mr. Clean because we have the right to be free and not take what he has put down. We are being the 8th class we want to be. We have no allegiance or connections to Mr. Clean and his twisted government. We declare our own form of Government. The students of the 8th grade dissolve all connections to Mr. Clean and are, from this point forward, undeniably free from this reign of terror and disappointment.