Room 205 Declarations of Independence

Anu C.
In the natural course of student events, it becomes necessary for students to sever the chains that tie them to a dominant power who subjects them to tyranny.This declaration of independence is provoked by King Skonecki’s denial of the certain, natural rights that are bestowed upon each individual student. The students of Room 205 have decided to stand together to defend their liberties and dignities against King Skonecki.

All students cherish equal rights and freedoms, and so hold them to be true and everlasting. These rights include the access to their due privacy, access to their material possesions, and access to nutritional amenities. These rights also include the access to free speech, comfort, and the pursuit of happiness through most any means.

The current leader, King Skonecki, is accused of committing the following multiple reiterated oppressions:
  • King Skonecki does not allow the students to listen to the music of their choice
  • King Skonecki repeatedly violates the privacy of the students
  • King Skonecki assigns too many projects at once, expecting the students to complete each and every one without difficulty
  • King Skonecki verbally abuses and challenges the students
  • King Skonecki does not allow the students to spend time in the hallway, which results in forgotten books and/or assignments
  • King Skonecki does not allow the students to nourish themselves at any point in the day, excluding lunch
  • King Skonecki does not establish a suitable temperature in the classroom, resulting in shivering and stiff students
  • King Skonecki does not allow the students to venture to their lockers for forgotten materials
  • King Skonecki delays the process in which he corrects or enters the students’ grades, making the wait for the students lengthy and anxiety-ridden.

We, the students of Room 205, have declared our independence from the present ruler of the classroom, King Skonecki. He is not fit to run the classroom, or to educate his students in an appropriate and comfortable fashion. Thus, as the students of Room 205, we will create our own government, a government that is fair and open to everyone’s opinions and views. The new form of government will provide the student body with a sense of protection, comfort, stability, and fulfillment. We, the students of Room 205, will no longer have to suffer under the harsh rule of King Skonecki, and we stand together in bonds of faith and honor, in order to form a more perfect classroom.

Dylan G.
We the people of room 205 deserve to not be treated like dirt. We have done nothing wrong to deserve our fate. This is an injustice that we must suffer under the rule of Lord Skonecki.
We deserve the rights to sit wherever we want, to eat and drink in class, as long as we clean up, freedom of speech, and the right to grade our own papers!
    • Lord Skonecki doesn’t let us sit wherever we want in class.
    • Lord Skonecki doesn’t let us have the right to say whats on our mind, because he ignores us.
    • Lord Skonecki gives people bad looks when we have a drink or food in the class.
    • Lord Skonecki grades our papers unfairly, he gives people extended dates when they should have it done the day it’s due!

Nobody wants to be treated with the injustices that Lord Skonecki caused us these past four months. We the people of room 205 have declared our independence from this tyrant know as Lord Skonecki.

Tristan M.

When one, such as a tyrant, rises to power, it becomes evident that the tyrant needs to be removed from his position of power by those whom he rules.
The students of room 205 have the rights to; freedom of movement, freedom of expression, the right to nourishment, and freedom of speech.
Tyrant Skonecki has an extensive history of caring little of the problems that he unleashes on the people of room 205. These are just some of his dreadful deeds;
  • Insulting those whom wear good jerseys such as Tristan and Jacob
  • Cutting off people in the middle of a sentence
  • Doesn't let people listen to music
  • Makes people wear their pants like grandpas
  • Allows no bears jerseys because he is jealous of those who wear them
  • Doesn’t allow physical activity at the end of the week
  • Keeps the room too warm

We the students of 205 have been under the rule of the infamous dictatorship of Dr. Skonecki far to long and are breaking off from his tyranny.

Jacob B.

We have known Lord Skonecki for 4 months. Lord Skonecki has rules that we don’t like. I want to have freedom in the classroom. Lord Skonecki should let us do what we want to do.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all students have equal opportunities, that they have the rights to have fun in the classroom. We have our own likes and dislikes. We deserve freedom in the classroom. We should have a right to wear what we want.
  • Lord Skonecki is jealous that the Bears are the best.
  • Lord Skonecki is a hater of the Bears.
  • Lord Skonecki cuts us off for answering a question.
  • Lord Skonecki locks our computers for no reason.
  • Lord Skonecki doesn’t give us a lot of time in the hallways.
  • Lord Skonecki is a bully.
  • Lord Skonecki doesn’t let us hug other people.
  • Lord Skonecki doesn’t let us go outside and have free time.
  • Lord Skonecki teaches us stuff that we don’t need in the future.
  • Lord Skonecki is a bully.
  • Lord Skonecki makes us listen to his boring stories.
  • Lord Skonecki calls everyone names.
  • Lord Skonecki is mean.
  • Lord Skonecki talks too much.
Many students still feel a connection with the Teacher, and have been disappointed with his inability to correct his injustices. The next section represents disappointment that these attempts have been unsuccessful.We, therefore, the Students of Room 205 should have freedom, do what we want to do, and to wear what we want to wear.

Steven N.

We the Students of Room 205 have been under the unfair rule of Mr. Skoneci for the past four months. He has been in power of room 205 for years and chooses to abuse it at the cost of the students of the class. It is imperative that this treatment is lessened or completely changed.

As students in this school we are entitled to the rights of an opinion, the right to nourish, and the right to have the supplies we need to learn. In addition we have the right to our own likes and dislikes. Knowing this he still denies us these rights.

Mr. Skoneci has repeated, without change, the same foul acts over the coarse of the year,so far:
  • Having a quick laugh at the expense of the students of the class.
  • Not allowing the right to use the lavatory when needed.
  • Giving too many projects.
  • Eating when we can’t.
  • Not allowing use to go to our lockers when we forgot important school material.
  • Although funny, picking on Jacob because he is a “Bears fan”.
  • We are not allowed our right of expression.
  • Not relinquishing confiscated items back to students despite having permission from parents.
  • Making us listen to bad music in the morning.
  • Locking our computers while we’re in the other class.

These grievances are inexcusably and shall not be overlooked. In hopes of freedom from his rule we declare our independence from Mr. Skoneci.


The students of 205 declare independence due to the fact of the unfair ruling of Lord Skonecki. We are unhappy that our problems have yet to be delt with! We all deserve to be treated equal and with respect. We have the following rights.
  • Privacy
  • Freedom of speech.
  • A right to nourishment.
  • Not putting our grades for an assignment when it has been completed.
  • Sites being blocked when we might need them for school purposes.
  • Being yelled at for no reason and getting no chance to defend ourselves.
  • Getting assigned so much work and having not enough time to finish it all.
  • Being forced to take part in things we don’t want to take part in.
  • We should be able to listen to music as long as we work.
  • The Class room is too cold and could result in to getting us sick, making us miss school.
  • Being able to get extended time on projects if we need it.

We have tried to communicate about the situation but our demands have yet to be delt with. Our rights to freedom of speech have been denied when resolving our issues. We have tried many times to speak our words of our rights but we have been shot down and never heard.

We as the students of class room 205 here by ask for our Grievances to be at least looked apon and delt with. Our words deserve to heard and we will not stand for anymore of this unfair ruling! We will fight for rights that we demand!

Angelica M.

In the course of student events, it is inescapable for student bodies to extinguish the connection that associate us with our Instructor. We, the students of Room 205, will attempt to withstand Mr.Skonecki himself. Each student body will join forces to outlaw the power of Mr.Skonecki and claim the freedom we desire.

We maintain these truths to be unquestionable, for each student body should have the righteousness to have equal freedom, the right to expression, the right to privacy, the right to speech, and the right to happiness. We, the students of Room 205, feel that we rightfully deserve these equal rights.

The present leadership of Mr.Skonecki is convicted of the following complaints such as:
  • Mr.Skonecki rarely gives time to go to our lockers.
  • Mr.Skonecki takes a large amount of time to correct the mistakes that are made on our grades.
  • Mr.Skonecki is always in other people’s business.
  • Mr.Skonecki always think he’s “right”.
  • Mr.Skonecki does not allow us to listen to the music we enjoy.
  • Mr.Skonecki does not allow us to chew gum.
  • Mr.Skonecki does not allow heat in the room.
  • Mr.Skonecki assigns too many projects.
  • Mr.Skonecki does not allow us to stay in the hallways for too long.
  • Mr.Skonecki judges every single student because of their mistakes.

As the students of Room 205, we shall defend each other from Mr.Skonecki’s rules and consequences. We hereby declare our Independence; our freedom from our Instructor, Mr.Skonecki. From this day forward, each student shall claim their right to freedom, their right to expression, their right to privacy, their right to speech, and their right to happiness for the future of our 8th Grade year.

Jawan R.

The Students from Room 205 need freedom from Mr. Clean III. We also want respect from the other high authority teachers that work in this dungeon, or it will be off with their heads!!!

We, the Students of Room 205, should all have equal rights. We should have the right to nourishment, freedom of speech, and the right of privacy.

We have the following grievances against Mr. Clean III
  • Mr. Clean III doesn’t treat everyone equally.
  • Mr. Clean III ignores certain people.
  • Mr. Clean III smacks people in the back of the head. I’m going to end up slapping him in his shiny, bald, deformed, long, head.
  • Haney always singles me and Antoine out. She is super annoying and needs to mind her own business.
  • Mr. Clean III gives out to much homework.
  • Mr. Chilly acts like he a beast. He need to stop trying to yell at people.

From now on, until the end of the school year we, the students of 205, declare Independence from Mr. Clean III. Once we get our Independence our school year, here at A.E Burdick, will go more easier and they way we would like it to.

Anna M.

Since the beginning of the year it has become clear that we must take action and seperate ourselves from the teacher. We are to stand up and defend our rights, which are not being properly acknowledged. We, the students of room 205, have decided to declare our independence.

We, the Students of Room 205, have the right to freedom of speech, the right to privacy, the right to happiness, and the right to expression. Freedom of speech provides the courage within ones self, privacy is expected, happiness brings positive days for students, and the expression of one’s self is good for them. We feel that we have been denied those rights and we do not accept that.

Mr. Skonecki has been pronounced guilty of the following grievances:
  • We are assigned to many projects at one time, which results in the lack of free time to do with as we please.
  • We are not given long enough breaks
  • We are not allowed to give our opinion because “Mr.Skonecki is always right.”
  • We have to listen to boring music in the morning when we come into the class.
  • We are not allowed a certain time where we can talk with our friends for at least five minutes.
  • Mr. Skonecki reads the blogs of those who do not wish to have them read.
  • We are not given privacy on our computers.

Therefore, as Students of Room 205, we declare our independence and freedom to do as we please. We will no longer have our requests ignored and will not be under the power of our teacher, Mr. Skonecki.

Tre'Marr E.

We the students of 205 have declared we are a free nation, abolishing all cruelty that High King Skoneci imposed on us.

We students have the right to freedom, the right to excessive free time and the pursuit of happiness.
  • He blasts the temperature to sub zero conditions to where we cant think because its so cold.
  • He doesn’t respect our rights as a free people of 205.
  • High King Skoneci talks about us when we say in answer or try to speak our mind.
  • High King Skoneci abuses his power as our king and acts like a tyrant.
  • High King Skoneci doesn’t treat the free man and women of our class with equal rights.
  • High King Skoneci terrorizes us like he is Darth Vader from Star Wars.
  • High king doesn’t accept our hard work after a few more days and gives us 100%.
  • High King Skoneci doesn’t allow extra time on projects.
  • High King Skoneci doesn’t allow us to listen to our tunes while we work.
  • High King Skoneci doesn’t allow us a free people to eat in class when we have no energy and when we are fatigued of no breakfast.

We the students of 205 have a very good connection with High King Skoneci but we can no longer take his inability to give us the freedom we rightfully deserve. We the students of 205 have recently tried to get High King Skoneci to see to our needs, but he refuses, and now we’re taking matters into our own hands. We the students of 205 are now a free nation and can no longer be told what to do by High King Skoneci.

Therefore, we, the students of 205 decree we are a nation of freedom, life, and equal rights. If 205’s declaration is refused High King Skoneci has to make everything that’s the opposite of the grievances take way.

Paulino R
The purpose of this document is to list all of the wrong that Lord Skonecki has caused us. This document also states all the problems we have with the things Lord Skonecki dose. In the next few paragraphs I will be listing the rights we have as the children of this classroom. And the problems we have with this classroom.

In this class we as the people have a right to do things. We should have the right to listen to music whenever we want to. We should be able to text anyone we want to in class. We as the students should have the right to do extra credit work to get our grades up. We should have the right to talk as much as we want when we want to. WE as the student should have these rights and many more.
  1. Lord skonecki dose not enter our assignments on time.
  2. Lord skonecki dose not let us get out of our seats whenever we want to.
  3. Lord skonecki insults people and dose note care.
  4. Lord skonecki yells at students without hearing them out first.
  5. Lord skonecki dose not let us work on projects at school.
Many students have tried to talk to lord skonecki but he ignores them. When we try to get our point across he just sits there. When we try to explain what happened he just automatically blames you. When you need to talk to lord skonecki about homework he goes off some were else.

We as the students of room 205 have the right to these rights. And you Lord skonecki must change in order for us to change.

Nicole A.
When in the Course of student events, it becomes necessary for one student body to dissolve the bonds which have connected them to their teacher. We would like to create rights for the fellow students of Room 205. We want a comfortable environment for both the students and the teacher while making a peaceful agreement that we can all live with.

We, the people of Room 205, hold these truths to be self-evident, that all students have equal opportunities, that they have rights to be just as important as teachers, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I present you with a list of grievances against Mr. Skonecki:
    • Mr. Skonecki is sexist.
    • Mr. Skonecki does not let us eat/drink in class.
    • Mr. Skonecki is abusive.
    • Mr. Skonecki tells us what to do during OUR Homebase.
    • Mr. Skonecki is boring.
    • Mr. Skonecki makes every student cold because of his cold classroom.
    • Mr. Skonecki makes us listen to boring, annoying, classical music.
    • Mr. Skonecki does not give us the freedom to listen to the music we want.
    • Mr. Skonecki does not let us sit where we please.
    • Mr. Skonecki makes the classroom an uncomfortable environment.
The people of Room 205 have tried many times to oppose these grievances, yet it has not worked. Our attempts have been useless, and Mr. Skonecki has ignored our demands.

We, the students of Room 205, deserve rights to an independent classroom. We deserve freedom, rights, and peace. We declare freedom from Mr. Skonecki from this day on.

Antoine H.
Students of 205 desire freedom from Punk Skonecki and his unfair ways. They also want respect from all higher authorities that work at the Jail of Education known as Burdick School.
We have a dream that one day teachers and students will be considered equal, that students and teachers will have the same rights: Rights of privacy, the right to move about, the right to speak, the right to eat, the right to relax, the right to expression, and the right to collaborate.
  • Punk Skonecki invades our privacy
  • Punk Skonecki tells us to sit down when we stand up
  • Punk Skonecki makes us listen to his boring bald headed music
  • Punk Skonecki doesn’t listen to me or any of my friends
  • Punk Skonecki fails to make my grades better
  • Punk Skonecki abuses his rights as a teacher
  • Higher authorities only lets us have 30 minutes of social time out of six hours a day

We gave or time and effort to tell him to listen to us but he keeps right on going.
Punk Skonecki refuses to listen to me even when I tell him to listen
Punk Skonecki does not like my Body Sketch even though I put my time and effort into that project.

Punk Skonecki refuses to listen to my stories and I try to tell him to let me explaine myself.
Therefore, the students of room 205 declare there independents from Punk Skonecki and higher authorities.

Adam H.

Yes, I think Mr. Skonecki is an evil man. I also think he can't be mean sometimes and sometimes he can be a little to nice. Sometime his rights on. We are entitled to freedom. We have not received this and the younger ones did. We have the right to have some privacy. You would look at our computers (with your Big Brother). We also have right to go on computer and play some games for the whole day.
My rights are to do my work. To not get in to trouble with my teacher. To play games when my work is done. I have to help other kids if they need the help. I have to listen to my teachers.

Grievances Against Mr. Skonecki

1.We don't get that much recesses.
2. He inflicts pain to kids.
3. He thinks he can make fun other kids but he can’t.
4. I think it's mean it is mean to lock our computer.
5. He sometimes he puts really bad music on.
6. We usually get our lunches last.
7. We always are the last ones to get computers.
8. He makes us do a lot of work and stuff.
9. He plays around too much.
10. He has the longest discussions.
11. He doesn’t like when kids are playing games when he is talking.
12. I hate when he locks our computer.
13. He thinks he's funny and thinks that he is a nice teacher but he's not a nice teacher.
14. He thinks he is always right to play around.
15. The students of 205 think Mr. Skonecki is not fair because he does not give us Privacy.
16. Mr. Skonecki thinks he is the King of Room 205 but he is not the King of Room
17. Mr. Skonecki gives a lot of homework.

Because of all these rights we deserve to have some fun in Mr. Skonecki's class sometimes. I think Mr. Skonecki should let us kids play games on the computer.

Kayla F.

Over the course of being mistreated, judged, and having to follow unjust rulings, it has been realized by the student body of room 205, that it is time to break away from the ruling of our cruel dictator, Lord David Skonecki.

As students and fellow human beings, we have rights, rights that have been denied to us for far too long. Among these rights are, freedom to speak our minds, the ability to fulfill our natural need of consuming food and beverage at our choosing time, the freedom from worry about being judged or taunted cruelly for things we’ve done. We also have the freedom to speak our minds and to vote on what we think should be done, the right to choose the location of our seating in the classroom, and the natural given right, the Pursuit of Happiness. These are rights that every student should have the ability to fulfill.

Our current leader, Lord David Skonecki, has been forcing his unjust beliefs and rulings on us. Some of his past offenses that are considered grievances but the students of room 205 are of the following,
  • The room is kept at a freezing temperature on a daily basis
  • Lord Skonecki is sexist towards to female population of our room
  • Lord Skonecki causes mental anguish with his cruel taunts and harsh ridicule
  • Lord Skonecki refuses to listen to our stories or folk lore and then proceeds to force us to listen to his long and boring ones
  • Lord Skonecki abuses his power of authority and locks our computers and/or gets upset with us for no reason
  • Lord Skoneki doesn’t give us enough time in the hallway
  • Lord Skonecki doesn’t share his food
  • Lord Skonecki doesn’t let us eat and drink in class

Many students, whom shall not be named, still feel strongly that we should keep our connect ion to Lord Skonecki. It saddens our community deeply, but we feel that there is no other choice than to break away and strive for our own independence.
Therefore, we, the students of room 205, have seceded from the cruel and biased rule of our Lord, David Skonecki. So, in pursuit of our happiness and well being, we are breaking away.