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What were the fashion statements between 1970 and 1994?

Shoes of the 1970s

By: CJ
The 1970s style was very odd, very different, and very expressive. The styles were based on what others were wearing, especially celebrities. The shoes completed the whole outfit. The shoes topped off everything! These are some of the amazing styles of shoes that everyone was wearing.
  • Platform Shoes- Platforms came in many different shoes such as boots, sandals, and heels. These shoes were at least 2-4 inches off the ground. These shoes were very popular for men and women.
  • Heels- Heels were used for dancing, concerts, a fancy occasion, or just for looking fabulous!
  • Sneakers- They weren’t the most popular, but they were hip! It wasn’t as famous for the girl as it was for the boy. At the time it was more of a sport shoe.
  • Boots- Women would wear boots with their jeans tucked inside or rolled up to the boot top. Some boots would go up thigh-high, to your knee, or down to the ankle.
  • Go Go Boots- They weren’t the same as boots, they are way more flashy! They were low heeled and a women’s fashion.
  • Style Stacks- These shoes were very expressive! They came in soooo many different styles that were each most very different. They were for both men and women, but it was more popular for men then women, because women had heels, boots, go go boots.


By: Kayla and Starshine (Jacob B.)


By Zoe and Desiree
"Fashion in the early 1970s was a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms and the hippie look from the late 1960s. wSoon, however, the fashion came to be characterized by several trends that have left an indelible image of the decade. These include platform shoes which appeared on the fashion scene in 1971. These were worn by both men and women.

Wide-legged, flared jeans and trousers were another fashion for men and women through most of the decade, and this style has been immortalised in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. The disco look, complete with three-piece suits for men and wrap-around rayon or jersey dresses for women, lasted until it was gradually replaced by punk fashion and straight, cigarette-legged jeans. Platform shoes gave way to mules and ankle-strapped shoes."

"New romantic was something new in fashion and fashion movement that occurred primarily in British. Most of the fashion of the new period were taken from punk fashion.The streaky eyeliner, the spiked hair, etc. that was worn and showed by most early 80s synth New Romantic groups.The early designers of the new romantic look were Vivienne Westwood, Colin Swift, Stevie Stewart and David Holah. Westwood began her romantic ideas with adaptations of dandified Regency designs which later she developed into a Pirate look. She designed especially for Adam and the Ants. Occasion wear included a return of cocktail dresses and evening suits with flared basque jackets, or Chanel line brocade jackets and just above knee short straight skirts, paired with heels."

In Europe, long dresses, often made of Lycra, most people would wear it in the daytime also wear at night.Outdoor trends were also in the 1990’s set by grunge clothing, along with the increased popularity of wilderness recreation. Some of the fashion went casual with mostly anything.Preppy look at popular retailer Abercrombie & Fitch.