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What happened in the world of sports between 1970 and 1994?Brewers Lose World Series to Cardinals By:Noah Gross

Sports Free Agency

By: Jawan and Dominick
Free agency helped athletes in professional football, basketball, and baseball be part of teams without having to wait until they got traded. Free agency also increased players salaries.
Professional Football

In 1989 the lawyers of the NFL feared of a lawsuit so they created the plan B free agency. This plan was soon banned because teams protected the players that wanted to leave. After the case a flood of lawsuits hit the NFL, so the owners decided to bargain with the players. In 1993 the owners granted free agency in exchange for players salary caps.
In professional football, one type of free agent was called the Exclusive rights free agent. Exclusive rights free agents were agents that completed more than three seasons of service and whose contract has expired. If another team offers the free agent a contract that had more money than his original salary, he could chose to go to that team.

Another type of free agent was called the Restriced free agent. Restricted free agents were agents who have played three or more seasons and their contract has expired. These agents had to chose a team before the NFL draft or they would get put in a team without getting to choose.
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