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What technology advanced between 1970 and 1994?

The Rise of Apple Computers

By: Jason Kuhn and Brandon Wolf
1976: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne established Apple. Computers.
The Apple 1 goes on sale for $666.66 (around $2,500 in 2010 dollars)
1977: Apple became a company and Ronald Wayne made the first logo and
Then sold his share to the other two Steve’s. Multi millionaire Mike Markkula gave them 250,000 dollars to make apple 2 but in return he made Michael Scully the president of Apple. The apple 2 was released for 1,259 dollars (around 3142.34 in 2010 dollars)
1978: Apple opens one million dollars in their stocks.
1979: The apple 2+ was sold for 1195 dollars (around 3078.34 2010 dollars). Apple begins working on Lisa a 2000-dollar business computer
1980: Apple’s stocks go up 1700%
1981: Steve Jobs quits the Lisa Project to make something that will out do Lisa. Steve Jobs becomes the new chairman of apple.
1983: “The Spot” won the worst commercial award.
1984: “The Spot” was shown as a super bowl commercial. Steve Jobs finishes Macintosh and Apple released Lisa 2
1985: Michael Scully gets mad at Steve Jobs because the Lisa 2 would not sell and he blamed the Macintosh. Scully strips Jobs out of power of Apple and fires him as well as 1200 employees that were under Job’s division. Jobs goes Microsoft and helps them develop Excel and Word that were originally an idea for the Macintosh. Apple sues Jobs.
1986: The Apple 2GS is released.
1991: Apple and Motorola form an alliance to stand against NeXT and Microsoft.
1993: Apple makes the first handheld message pad. After they get very few buyers the drop the product.
1994: Apple releases the first power Macintosh..
Sources: The Apple Museum

The First Portable Cellular Telephone is Developed

Microsoft Corporation is established in 1975

The World Wide Web Debuts

By: Faye W.
The world wide web all started when a man named Time Berners-Lee started to put together a bunch of global information on the internet, so that users could read all about it. The first we browser was named WorldWideWeb. The first website was The WWW project was made to allow people to share data, news, and documentation. The Internet was already made before the WWW was made.

The difference between the WWW and the Internet is that the Internet just started out as such little resources such as, but the WWW is when they started connecting with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. So now, if you haven't realized yet, when your typing in the address of some website you now know what the www stands for in the address. If you don't know the www in www. google, yahoo, etc. it stands for World Wide Web.

Sources: Wikipedia

Sony Walkman

By: Noah G.
The first sony walker was really thick and bulky and only could play tapes and fm radio. Discussing the beginning of the walkman probably required a brief look at the audio scene in the 1970s. The audio industry was enjoying success in growing home stereo markets, and the implementation of the transistor for a portable AM band receiver created a pocket radio "boom" in the 1960s which continued well into the 1970s. "Boomboxes" or battery-powered one piece stereo systems were growing in popularity near the turn of the decade, with sound eminating through two loudspeakers. The consumers appreciated the ability to listen to high fidelity sound without being confined to sitting near a home stereo system. The pocket-sized micro and mini-cassette players were also successfully sold by companies like Panasonic, Toshiba and Olympus.

So was the development of a personal stereo system an obvious step in the evolution of audio? Shu Ueyama of Sony cites that this invention was purely accidental. Organizational changes were taking place at Sony in 1979 and the tape recorder division was pressed to market something soon or risk consolidation. They came up with a small cassette player capable of stereo playback. The invention was born from a tweaked Pressman (Sony's monaural portable cassette recorder) and a pair of headphones.